on Equal Opportunities in Difficult Circumstances,
multiplier event by the project „DIGI Women – Digital Entrepreneurship Tools
and Support for Women Entrepreneurs“

4-5 September 2021, Park Hotel Latgola, Daugavpils


To present various approaches for enterprises for the identification and use of new digital tools, and support instruments to have equal opportunities with other businesses, as well as present digital solutions (free of charge or low cost options) that could be explored by women entrepreneurs and used in their businesses in difficult circumstances, as well as in their daily lives.


First Day

(4 September 2021)

12.30 – 13.30

Registration of participants. Accommodation

13.30 –14.30


14.30 – 15.30

Introducing the participants in the event – women entrepreneurs, experts and trainers in business digitalization and guests

Presentation of the DIGI Women project: topics, content and expected results

Moderator and presenter: Vera Komarova, PhD

15.30 –16.00

Coffee break

16.00 –18.00

Application of various approaches for the identification and use of new digital tools, and support instruments enabling equal opportunities of women in difficult circumstances. Digital tools and solutions equally applicable for businesses and individuals: use of different on-line meeting platforms; use of online repositories; online presentation of business and creation of own home page – a business card for enterprise; e-Signature; services offered by the united platform, etc.

Discussion. Feedback from participants

Lecturers: Vera Komarova, PhD

18.00 –19.30

Presentation of a training program for women entrepreneurs, aimed at accelerated and successful digitalization of business. Information about other equally available training programmes related to IT and digitalization. Comparative advantages of DIGI Women’s Curriculum for women in difficult circumstances.

Discussion. Feedback from participants

Presenting: members of the project team from CE BSR

20.00 –22.00


Second Day

(5 September 2021)

09.00 –11.00

Presentation of ideas and proposals for improvement of the curriculum by women entrepreneurs and digitalization experts

Moderator: Vladas Tumalavičius, PhD (Lithuania)

11.00 –11.30

Coffee break

11.30 –12.30

Summary of the seminar. Presentation of the next stages of the project 

Presenting: Vera Komarova, PhD