Ms. Zane Zeibote – Chairman of the Board, Project Manager of the University of Latvia, Centre for European and Transition Studies, CV;

Mr. Andris Spulis – Member of Board, Cluster Facilitator of the Latvian Logistics Chain Cluster, Board Member, co-owner  of  KOMIN  Ltd., CV;

Dr. Vera Boroņenko – Member of Board, Researcher at the Institute of Social Research of the Daugavpils University, defended PhD on clusters in 2009, CV; 

Ms. Lilita Sparāne – Member of Board, Executive Director of the Latvian Information Technology Cluster; 

Mr. Uldis Eglītis – Member of Board, Managing Director “Remedine” Ltd, facilitation of the Latvian medicine cluster, doing PhD research on clusters, CV

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Volkova – Former rector of the BA School of Business and Finance, supporter and initiator of the creation of the cluster experts working group;  

Mr. Igors Klapenkovs – Member, doing PhD research on tourism cluster, Lecturer of the Vidzemes University; 

Mr. Kaspars Šteinbergs – Member, doing PhD research on the creative industries – film cluster in Latvia; 

Mr. Gints Turlajs – Member, PhD student, University of Latvia; 

Ms. Ilva Ruduša - Lecturer, University of Agriculture, Latvia, CV;

Mr. Ifor Ffowcs Williams – Cluster Navigators, New Zealand;  

and other participants and supporters...